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Only One, CJ Group!! 영화 그이상의 감동

Hall CJ CGV is the largest multiplex cinema chain in South Korea, and the world's Top 5 cinema exhibition company present in China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Myanmar, Turkey and the United States.

CGV is a subsidiary of CJ Group, Korea\s leading diversified conglomerate with presence in the food and food service, pharmaceutics and biotechnologies, entertainment and media, home shopping, and logistics industries.

As of January 2017, CJ CGV is operating 2,877 screens at 376 locations in seven countries around the world. It was able to secure long-term competitiveness via endless efforts and investment in global market which contributed to established the backbone to become and solidify as the top multiplex chain in Asia.

The company emphasizes and constantly develops new movie technologies such as 4DX and ScreenX, and its own cinema solutions including CRM, NOC & TMS and Photo Ticket.

CGV's two U.S. locations are in Los Angeles and Buena Park, California. CGV Buena Park marks the first time the U.S. market will be able to experience the company's "Cultureplex" concept. Currently deployed at staple CJ CGV sites around the world, "Cultureplex" is the idea of a movie theatre as a complete and immersive cultural experience.

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