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1. What distinguishes CGV CINEMAS from other entertainment venues?

CGV CINEMAS are the first, United States incarnation of the South Korean multiplex movie theater company CJ CGV. CGV Cinemas aim to one day become an industry leader in the United States as in Korea by providing the highest quality entertainment and service for our customers. A few features that make our theaters unique:

- Premium seating
- Assigned seating throughout the theater
- Intimate, community-oriented atmosphere
- Asian films with English subtitles
- English-language films with Korean subtitles
- CGV's unique 3-D films viewing experience
- Excellence in customer service
- Digital projection technology
- Membership program with attractive benefits

2. What does "Only One" CGV mean?

"Only One" is CGV's mantra, reflecting our service goal of being "One of a kind" and "One step ahead." We strive to offer patrons the best theater-going experience with the latest innovations in entertainment and service. For more information, click here. More

3. How can I find out more about CJ CGV and its affiliates?

Visit http://english.cj.net for descriptions of our parent company and more.
Visit http://www.cjamerica.net for information about our U.S. operations and affiliate companies