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(Digital/Eng Sub) What a Man Wants

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  • Genre : Comedy
  • Runtime : 100 min
  • Release Date : 04/20/2018
  • Director : Lee Byeong-Heon
  • Starring : Lee Sung-Min, Shin Ha-Kyun, Song Ji-Hyo, EL
  • Rating : NR
  • Show Times : 5/24:,[AM11:00],[PM1:40,3:50,6:20,8:40,10:55],[FINAL]


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¡°In love and married, but why still lonely?¡± Immature adults who want to be loved endlessly! ¡®Seok-geun¡¯, a married man who boasts of having flings for 20 years, unintentionally leads his younger sister Mi-young (SONG Ji-hyo), who is addicted to social media, and her husband ¡®Bong-soo¡¯ (SHIN Ha-kyun) to the world of flings. When a fatally attractive woman named ¡®Jenny¡¯ appears before them, their lives twist out of control. Things get hotter and wilder! If they get caught, it¡¯s over! A comedy for lonely adults is here at last!