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(Digital/Eng Subs) The Accidental Detective 2: In Action

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  • Genre : Comedy
  • Runtime : 116 min
  • Release Date : 06/22/2018
  • Director : E.oni
  • Starring : Kwon Sang-Woo, Sung Dong-Il, Lee Kwang-Soo
  • Rating : NR
  • Show Times : 7/12:,[AM10:00],[PM12:40,3:25,6:15,9:00],[FINAL]
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A comic book storekeeper, Dae-man, and the legendary homicide detective, Tae-su, who met on previous case quit their jobs to open a private detective agency. Despite their high hopes, they soon find themselves with only trivial cases such as spouse infidelity, unpaid debt, and missing cats. Then one day, a woman walks into the office, wanting to find the truth behind the death of her fiancé. Not only that, she also offers them a handsome reward of 50,000 dollars. Dae-man and Tae-su see it as an opportunity to put their true detective skills to work. They bring onboard a third member, Yeochi, a Mensa genius and a small-time online private eye, and together they launch a full-fledged investigation on the case. As the dig into what initially appeared to be a straightforward case, disturbing new evidences turn up.