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The King (Digital) - English Subtitles

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  • Genre : Action/Adventure, Drama
  • Runtime : 134 min
  • Release Date : 01/27/2017
  • Director : Han Jae-Rim
  • Starring : Cho In-Sung, Jung Woo-Sung, Bae Seong-Woo, Ryu Jun-Yeol
  • Rating : NR
  • Show Times : 2/17:,[AM11:45],[FINAL]
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Born in a poor family, Tae-su learns that the power is the most important thing in life and decides to become a prosecutor, the biggest symbol of power in the 90s. After entering the most prestigious law school, experiencing democratic resistance in Korea, Tae-su finally reaches his goal of becoming a prosecutor but his life is no better than a salary man. By chance, he joins a clique of the powerful prosecutors with wealth and authority. He finally gets a taste of a life of the top hierarchy, but as he enjoys the sweetness of supremacy, he also sees the cruel side of it.